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Enter the Era of Copilot Pro – Microsoft’s Unbelievable Leap in 2024 with 12 Must-See Features!

Bid adieu to ChatGPT, as Microsoft takes the stage with the groundbreaking Copilot Pro! The tech landscape is abuzz with the release of this incredible innovation, promising to redefine the game.

In this exploration, we unravel 12 jaw-dropping features of Copilot that demand your attention in 2024. Brace yourself for a tech revolution like never before!

1. The Latest Launch

Copilot Pro Unlock the full potential of cutting-edge AI capabilities, empowering you to construct your own Copilot GPTs.

2. Copilot is now available on Phone

During this period, you can utilize the Bing app on iOS to experience all the functionalities of Copilot!

3. Bing Chat has transformed into Copilot

  • It’s accessible on Edge, Chrome, Safari, and even on your mobile device.
  • I’ll guide you through its latest AI features.

4. Create Your CoPilots (Similar to GPTs)

Utilize an end-to-end conversational design studio to:

  • Extend and customize Copilot for Microsoft 365 –
  • Develop your own copilot

5. Presentation Creation Tool

  • Transform Word documents into engaging presentations effortlessly
  • Generate rapid presentations from existing files
  • Condense extensive presentations into essential key slides
  • Enhance text, formatting, animations, and layout seamlessly

6. Immediate Document Summaries

  • Begin by opening your existing document.
  • Access Copilot from the ribbon to reveal the Copilot pane.
  • Within the Copilot compose box, choose “Summarize” for instant document summarization.

7. Word Assistance

  • Easily draft a complete document by using a straightforward prompt.
  • Efficiently condense lengthy documents for succinct summaries.
  • Reword sections of text or entire documents to achieve conciseness or align with a specific tone.

8. Excel Functionality

  • Generate professional charts instantly using your existing data.
  • Apply formulas and calculations effortlessly based on intuitive prompts.
  • Summarize trends and glean insights through efficient data analysis.

9. OneNote Features

  • Enhance productivity by engaging in free-flowing conversations with Copilot within OneNote.
  • Summarize selected text, pages, and sections of notes into a shareable and concise format.
  • Generate actionable to-do lists derived from your notes.

10. Outlook

  • Draft effective emails
  • Schedule follow-ups and create agendas based on past conversations
  • Translate an email response
  • Summarize long emails

11. Microsoft Teams Capabilities

  • Automatically generates agendas for your meetings.
  • Takes detailed notes during meetings, capturing key points and action items.
  • Provides suggestions for discussion points to enhance meeting effectiveness.

12. GPT-4 Empowers Copilot Chat

  • Engage in chat directly within your code editor, facilitating faster coding and swift access to answers.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and locate/resolve errors in code, terminal, and debugger seamlessly.


As we conclude our journey through the revolutionary landscape of Copilot Pro, the era of ChatGPT fades into the past. Microsoft’s latest offering has unleashed a wave of innovation, with 12 features that are reshaping the way we interact with technology.

Don’t miss out on the transformation – dive into the world of Copilot and witness the future unfold before your eyes!

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