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Unveiling the Secrets: How He Made Over $64,000 on YouTube without Showing His Face or Working

YouTube has become a popular platform for content creators to share their talents and earn money.

However, many people struggle to make a significant income from it, and it can be even more challenging when you’re not comfortable showing your face or doing the work.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the story of someone who made over $64,000 on YouTube without showing their face or doing any work.

We’ll also be revealing their secrets, giving you an inside look at how they achieved their success. Get ready to learn how you can do the same with this mini-course!

YouTube Automation

No video creation here. He outsourced everything, from voiceovers to editing.

The result? A lot of free time so he can grow my channels without becoming a slave to the grind and scale rapidly.

It allows him to:

– Work from anywhere
– Delegate the heavy workload
– Generate passive income

All with a very low investment. Now, without any further ado…

Let me show his video how this juicy (biz) model works

1. Find a profitable niche

There are plenty of niches that you can get into. Some examples:

• Movie recaps
• Sports news
• AI analyst
• Entertainment trends
• Financial info curator

Just make sure it is unsaturated, monetizable, and has a high CPM.

2. Model what works

Many YouTubers start BIG with new ideas and struggle to find views. We are here to make $$$

Not to reinvent the wheel Or to be creative. Look

Look at your competition, see what’s working for them, and “model” it.

3. Prioritize Video Quality Over Quantity

This faceless Basketball channel here is making $50K a month. Their secret?

Ultra high-quality videos. Every video is perfect and therefore guaranteed to go viral.

(Just look at their damn thumbnails – it’s straight-up fire)

You don’t have to upload blockbuster movies but make sure they are watchable and get a 50%+ watch time. YouTube Automation is not about uploading some random junk. With clickbaity thumbnails and titles,

…there comes the RESPONSIBILITY to deliver value-packed content.

4. Analyze data

Channel data analysis boils down to just these two:

CTR and watch time.

Everything else is important, but not as vital as the above legends. Optimize your videos for them.

And remember: Youtube is all about retaining maximum eyeballs all the time

5. A/B test thumbnails and titles

Create multiple titles and thumbnails for one video. A little trick to maximize your growth: If a video fails upon upload, try changing the title and thumbnail.

Youtube will give it a second chance.

6. Double Down

When you see that your videos are raking in views, it’s time to hustle and squeeze every penny from them. This faceless channel upped its game and started posting three videos a day—it reeled in $150K last month. Don’t leave any money on the table.

7. Scale & repeat

Replicate the same process for new faceless channels. Hire more freelancers. Tap into new niches. Keep improving your systems.

And reinvesting into new channels


In conclusion, making money on YouTube without showing your face or putting in a lot of work is not only possible but also achievable.

With the right strategy and implementation, anyone can replicate this success and potentially earn a substantial income from their YouTube channel.

As with any business venture, it takes dedication, patience, and willingness to learn and adapt to see results.

We hope this mini-course has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration to start your own journey towards YouTube success.

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