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The Future’s True Contender: Rising Above Japan, USA, and China

In the global arena of progress and innovation, a consensus often emerges regarding the countries poised to lead the future. Japan, the USA, and China frequently dominate discussions, hailed as the vanguards of technological advancement and economic prowess.

However, amidst these widespread beliefs, a compelling argument emerges—one that challenges conventional wisdom and propels one nation to the forefront. While these aforementioned giants may command attention, there exists a sleeper contender, quietly ascending to prominence, ready to redefine the landscape of tomorrow.

Saudi Arabia is a country that is reshaping the world order before our eyes. It’s not a mere participant in the global economy. It aims to lead, pioneer, and redefine the very essence of innovation and investment. The leader of tomorrow’s world.

It’s a nation run with the zest of a Silicon Valley startup.

Crown Prince Mohammed’s leadership echoes a CEO’s drive for agility and disruption.

Entrepreneurial in spirit, the country is embarking on the most audacious pivot in history.

Vision 2030 is the Kingdom’s revolutionary manifesto.

A plan to diversify and increase its non-oil exports to 50% by 2030.

A burning ambition to craft a new chapter in its story and become a top 10 nation within a generation.

A roadmap to becoming an economic juggernaut.


Long-term vision fuels every policy and initiative. The strategic leap is being planned over decades, not quarters.

Unhindered by short-term perspectives, it’s being driven by long-run prosperity. Future-proofing its DNA is a mission, not a statement.

Saudi Arabia is creating an environment that supports growth for all.

The nation’s female participation in the workforce has doubled from 19% to 36% in the last 6 years. Foreign investment is encouraged, and innovators, welcomed. A place where everyone enjoys the upside.

Investments flow intelligently and strategically.

The Public Investment Fund is transforming the landscape of global markets.

With $700 billion in assets, it has the ability to back global champions of industry and create unimaginable wealth. An abundance mindset personified.


Some of the PIF’s international investments:

• Uber
• Softbank
• Blackstone

A titan of the new financial order.

The Line, a megacity drawn straight from sci-fi, is taking shape. A smart city designed to have no cars, streets, or carbon emissions.

It’s an embodiment of Saudi Arabia’s ambition to redefine livability, business, and conservation

Health & Well-being > transportation & clutter

At its core is the principle of designing the future around people, not simply technology.

A community re-inventing the future and providing a blueprint for humanity’s habitat.

It’s an urban utopia energized by the sun

They have been on a global spending spree unlike any other.

From the PIF’s bets on tech through its $45 billion backing of SoftBank to Cristiano Ronaldo’s soccer spectacle and strategic stakes in gaming, one thing is clear:

The country is curating a portfolio of passion.


Saudi Arabia’s sway extends far beyond the expected.

It is generating returns on bets powering the West while incentivising leaders to shop in the Kingdom.

With its infrastructure and intellect constantly evolving, the nation is pioneering on the world stage

And the growth is staggering. It’s the fastest-growing country in the G20.

Yet Saudi Arabia’s GDP isn’t just numbers; it’s a narrative of relentless ambition. A revolutionary hub for dreamers and founders.

The development is happening at breakneck speed.

Saudi Arabia’s landscape is changing with every sunrise, each project more ambitious than the last.

But with some of the lowest crime rates in the world and a rich and storied culture, it’s a haven of peace and prosperity

Mohammed bin Salman – the genius behind it all – is not just a leader; he’s a visionary.

The catalyst for this renaissance, his bold strategies are mapping out the globe of the future.

His and the Kingdom’s growth is a story of foresight, zeal, and the courage to transform

Just like Dubai, they are taking tomorrow into their own hands.

If you want to be where the future is going to play out, Get out to the Gulf and see it with your own eyes.


As the world continues its march towards an uncertain future, it becomes increasingly evident that conventional metrics of power and influence may not fully encapsulate the nuances of progress. While Japan, the USA, and China remain formidable forces, it is essential to recognize the potential of emerging contenders.

In this narrative, one country stands tall, demonstrating resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. As we navigate the complexities of tomorrow, let us not overlook the underdog—the true protagonist in the narrative of the countries of the future

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