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Semantic Search – Google Keyword Planner Update 2016

Google is now working on Semantic Search and in 2016 you will see a lot of changes in Google search algorithms. This time Google is making some changes in their Adword tool, Google Keyword Planner. All focus is on semantic web and semantic search phrases. For me keywords can play viral role in your rankings but the thing matter the most is that how many similar keywords you gonna use in your article.

Previously GKP was showing different search Volume for each Related Keyword but now things has been changed you will see same search volume for semantic keywords. That is good for SEOs to understand the relation of Keywords for better Keyword Targeting in Articles. ON Page SEO can be more powerful now as Google is telling you semantically connected keywords at its own.

Here is an Example of Semantic Keywords, before this update Google was showing seperate search volume for each search term. I am using 3 different keywords in this example to show you how google is combining there search volume. These three keywords are:

As you can see there is a slight difference in these keywords but Google is showing us that they are powerfully semantic keywords.


As you can see the volume is same for all three variations it means now using semantic keywords you can get a lot of traffic. I always loved Semantic Search and I will for sure write more articles for you guys to get hands on that.


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