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Revolutionizing Data Science: 10 Insane Examples of Code Interpreter Plugin, the Next Big Thing

Data science is an ever-evolving field, with new technologies and tools being introduced at an astonishing pace.

From ChatGPT to AutoGPT and GPT-4, we have seen significant advancements in AI technology over the years. However, the introduction of the Code Interpreter plugin has the potential to be the next big thing in the field of data science.

In this post, we will explore ten insane examples that prove the power of this revolutionary new tool.

1. Basic video editing in ChatGPT

(GIF to a longer MP4)

2.Mapping Lighthouse Locations

Upload location data of Lighthouse and have ChatGPT create a visualized map.

This was kind of delightful: I uploaded a CSV file of every lighthouse location in the US.

“ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Create a gif of a map of the lighthouse locations, where the map is very dark but each lighthouse twinkles.” A couple seconds later…

3. Extracting colors from images

Extract the colors from an image using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Code Interpreter is incredible! Its file uploading & downloading capabilities make it a super flexible tool for various tasks.

Here it extracts colors from an image to create a palette.png And automatically compresses large images when running out of memory

4. Bitcoin Data Visualization

Upload Bitcoin data and interpret the data into a visualized chart. ChatGPT code interpreter plug-in is OVERPOWERED.

I asked it to analyze a Bitcoin dataset that I downloaded with my IPhone.

5. Turn your images into a text file

Multimodal AI is here. GPT-4 can now turn your images into a text file in a snap with the new code interpreter model. Witness the OCR magic in action

6. Unveiling the Power and Memory of Code Interpreter

You have to check out the new ChatGPT “Code Interpreter”… Game-changing for data analysis

7. Turn UFO data sightings into a visualized heatmap chart

OpenAI’s new Code Interpreter model is incredible for data visualization. I fed it an unpolished dataset of UFO sightings and it generated a fully-functioning HTML heat map for me. Here’s a static version (it easily lets me create as many versions as I want)

8. Analyze your music taste from your Spotify playlists

Analyzing a 300hr Spotify favorites playlist with ChatGPT Code Interpreter.

9. Music Market Segmentation

Segment music markets and create business strategies for each segment.

10. Render animated gifs from scratch in seconds

ChatGPT Code Interpreter (alpha) renders an animated GIF


In conclusion, the Code Interpreter plugin is a game-changer in the field of data science. With its ability to simplify and automate complex tasks, it has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

The 10 examples we have showcased in this post demonstrate just how powerful this tool can be.

As data science continues to evolve and become more complex, the Code Interpreter plugin will undoubtedly play a crucial role in driving innovation and progress.

Keep an eye out for this exciting technology, as it is sure to shape the future of data science.

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