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Internal Linking – Building strategies Explained

No matter in which industry you work, internal linking is still an important, if not the most important, factor ranked.When working on the SEO optimization is currently the most time was devoted to internal linking guided by “the power of SEO” on the pages that you want to be found high up in the search engine positions …

Automatic internal linking based on scripts (as is the case eg WordPress) is not good, because at high sides have no control over the actual state of what and how it is linked. Therefore it is better to have an adequate system to manage the linking and if the parties are small – do this manually and save it in Excel.

Another objective (beyond SEO) is to improve the internal linking utility for the client side: anyone who reads a text, is a product card, a list of categories – we substituted clicks on an internal link – if encouraged accordingly.

1. Links to content

The so-called contextual links, which is woven into the text. One of the best spots on the link inside, surrounded by the text, in which the user clicks almost spontaneously. Makes almost 70% of the readers follow this link – this also improves the usability of the page (UX). In contrast, external links, we can stososwać anchorY here – but it is worth to realize that the compacting keywords in internal links can also be harmful.

2. Entries related

Worth to implement on blogs and online stores – also improves the usability and user involvement on the side. On this blog under each entry is the section that allows you to read other entries similar theme. At online stores are substituted with a potential customer goods in conformity with its interests, the goods had seen or items that other users buyer bought the same product … Highly recommended for use in any store.

For small sites, the poor in content, it’s hard for this type of The Solution. Better to use 1 point.

3. Categories

This too is a form of internal linking – of course, off the menu – it is advisable substitution category pages with a list of products, a list of offers. Organize in some way different sections of your site. I often meet a situation where the categories are implemented parameter “nofollow” – of course it can be used in cases where a given sub-page internal links globally is a lot (eg 500 or 600) – then to share the power of SEO, apply nofollow in links internal to the category.

4. Breadcrumbs

Menu crumbs (remember that you must enclose them in Schema: ) is also a kind of internal linking. In the case of all the parties, even those small, it is worth it to implement – thanks to faster learning search schema (tree) service.Well made and visible to the user menu crumbs utility assists this section (and the site), and, as can be seen on the heat-maps, is frequently used by the visitor.

Occasionally it happens that this section is increasingly used to build an additional menu – you hover over an item in breadcrumbs develop additional menu – in my experience I will say that it bothers you more than it helps.

5. Popular Posts

Like “entries associated” service utility support and help you find the right content (for blogs). In the case of online stores are substituted Members block eg most purchased products or products with the most reviews – outside the building of interest at the user, this can increase sales conversion 🙂

6. The previous, next, pagination

Contrary to appearances, this is also internal linking. Proper execution of paging and implement rel = “prev / next / canonical” means that we are building a very good and strong positioning of the long tail. In the case of blogs you can see previews of articles and can very quickly determine whether it is worthwhile to look at it or not. In the case of online stores that are used in the categories.

On this day departs from paging to page load when you depart the mouse to the bottom of the screen – to be honest, that for me it is a tiring and I prefer the old paging honest 🙂

Here note: some stores have the buttons “Next | Previous” to see the next product – so as not to go to the category, only to see another product. Some sites ares using javascript: history.back () is wrong – when the user hits the page so made directly from a search engine, pressing the “Previous” button, he will return back to the search engine and rather lose him forever.

7. Sitemap

Here the case is complicated as creating a separate page with a list of internal links may be treated as spam (few useful page). That’s why it works on blogs but in the online store with thousands of products. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this method greatly accelerates internal linking indexation in large sites;)

8. I – direct link

Here the matter is clear – do the URL in such a way that it contains Title in the name of the URL was, for example, the title of the page – it will be understood by the user and the management side. Of course, even if a better / easier positioning itself as the sub anchor You can apply for internal linking.

9. Other things

Google guidelines state that should not be indexed search results. Large portals to index any, – why? Because (I think so, Google also sees) if these results are useful it will not be for a penalty … Of course, it is slippery because 100% of owners say that their search results are useful – so better stick to the indexing of search results from afar. Or ask someone for an opinion.

In the West still have some phobia with the number of links – that kind of 100 is the number of boundary links to the page / subpage. I know a lot of sites that have more links, and somehow they are dead.


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