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How to Write Web Content and sell it for $100 ? Step by Step Guide

Today I am gonna teach you guys a very simple method to get paid by writing simple blog content, you will get $100 for your content. Its not any Marketing post that will lead you to buy a course to teach that how you can make it happen.

Step 1: Rules

The rules are quite simple and logical:

Ok thats all Folks, there are no hard rules to make it happen just follow the things mentioned above. Go to this LINK and submit your article.

Step 1: Getting Paid

To get paid from them you need Paypal account, they only pay via paypal. I you are living in Pakistan and facing issues to get a legit paypal I will suggest you to visit allvccs are more than perfect to help you in this regard.

Some other platforms where you can sell your articles.

Bless This List – List type min 1500words, min 10 entries required, 150+ words per each entry, $100/article submitted

Cracked – Register at Forum, List type, 6 Entries + 100 introduction words (~700words) as a pitch, after that 10enrties with 200w+ per entry for $100/article, than after 5 accepted $200/article submitted.



  1. Ahmad

    You’re amazing , I’ve been following you for a year or more and i got to know you’re a uetian and me too. Proud of you , i feel happy to see you growing sir , MashAllah

  2. Faheem

    This is what i was looking for since long time.

    Thanks for sharing.

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