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How to get High Authority Backlinks from Reputed Universities

Well, they say WHITEHAT SEO doesn’t exist. Really? I call them Idiots. Pardon, my Language.

Today, I am going to teach you that how you can get Extremely Powerful Backlinks from Reputed universities including (Princeton, Harvard and much more).

Without wasting any more time of mine as well as yours, let’s jump to our trick.

This is a 3-STEP Simple process, which can grab you 100s of natural and powerful links.

  1. Create a Scholarship Page on your Blog
  2. Email Outreach to the Universities
  3. Write a nice decent Pitch (Nicely, I said)

Tools which you required to execute this trick are

Premium Ahrefs Account will cost you $70 a month, and I am sure you can’t afford it just now. So, please have a look at my SEO Rdp Service. Click Here.

Alrighty, So If you are done with everything above, let’s continue with our plan.

1. Create a Scholarship Page on your Blog

Don’t worry, it’s not more difficult than satisfying your girl. If you are using WordPress, simply create a new Page and name it with your niche. In my case, I teach Internet Marketing, so I will name my scholarship page as “iMansoor Internet Marketing Scholarship”.

Now, what about the content? There comes Google in service. Let’s see if there is any internet marketing scholarship available?

Now you might be freaking that how can I afford $500? I don’t earn a penny yet . Well, in some words FAKE it. If you will reach a good monthly income with the time-period of your scholarship, then do give away the winner but if you will not, simply fake it by writing an update on your scholarship page.

“The winner is John Cena from Harvard University. Congratulations John. For the runners up, I wish you best of luck for the next scholarship.”

After creating your Scholarship Page, don’t forget to add internal links.

Do some internal linking for those pages, where you want to forward the link juice.

This is very Important.

2. Email Outreach to the Universities

Okay, so I hope you are done with your scholarship page by now. Make sure the permalink to your scholarship page is simple and clear. (Ex.

Why? Becuase it looks professional and to-the-point.

Now it comes to Email Outreach. Do you remember the results we found in Google? YES, you do.

Simply copy their URL and paste in Ahrefs Explorer. Analyze the backlinks coming to their scholarship page and BINGO. You will have a list of universities which might be interested in listing your scholarship program to their scholarships page.

If you want to grab More Universities with External Scholarships Page, then explore the backlink profile of every existing scholarship you found at that university.

For Example: I just found Seattle Pacific University with scholarship page which is linking to my competitor blog. Now, if you go there, you will find that it is linking to a number of websites which are giving scholarships.

Now explore the backlink profile of each link to find out more and more Universities.

I got 30+ .Edu links so far which helped me ranking on #1 position. And you know what? My competitors are MONSTERS like PCMag, Cnet, GadgetsReview and much more.

Easy Peezy, Isn’t it? Let’s move to the 3rd and final step.

3. Write a Decent Pitch to get Backlinks

Well, I am glad you reached the third step.

Once you will have the universities list, grab their contact emails. You can easily find their contact details on their site.  Make an Excel Sheet.

Now Login to your business email account (I use Zoho Mail to create my Business Email. That’s Absolutely free for 1 domain). Once you are logged in, start sending e-mails. Here is my E-mail template. Feel free to copy it.

Hello there,

I’m contacting you because of a new scholarship opportunity for the [University Name] students.

Our scholarship is called “Your Scholarship Name”, and it’s designed to help the students who are currently studying in the areas of [Area Of Studying (e.g. Business, Law, etc)].

Link to our Scholarship page: [Your scholarship Page]

Here is the list of our requirements:
– Requirement Number 1
– Requirement Number 2 (If you have more than 1 requirements)

We would be honored if you will add our award to your scholarship page [Unversity’s Scholarship Page]

Please let us know if you have any question.

Thank you,
Your Name

Sweet, Isn’t it?

I have sent emails to about 60+ Universities and got featured in more than 30. So the conversion rate is extremely great which almost 50%.

I am sure you will love when you will start getting replies like this:

Do you know what is the best thing about this trick? This is 100% Whitehat, Original, and Natural. And GOOGLE DADDY loves .edu Backlinks. So, it will rock your site for sure.

That’s all for today. Do share this guide with your loved ones to help them out.

Only because of the power of these .edu backlinks, my site is ranking on 1st position on the most of my targeted keywords. All of the universities linking to my site are DA 60+.

If you still have any question, do post it below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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