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How One Simple Change Brought in $149,000 from a Single Client in 12 Months

Discovering the key to substantial financial success often involves making strategic adjustments to one’s business model. In the case of one entrepreneur, a seemingly minor change led to remarkable results: a staggering $149,000 earned within a span of just 12 months, all from a single high-value client.

This anecdote underscores the transformative power of innovation and adaptation in maximizing business outcomes.

I used to wake up every single day, Monday to Friday, and record manual cold Loom outreach videos for HOURS…

Finally, after a few months of doing this nonstop, it all paid off

​ I recorded a Loom video of me on a prospect’s website, pitching them on my agency offer (fb ads at the time). ​ They appreciated that I took the time to record a video for them so they hopped on a call and I closed them 2 months later with some follow-ups. ​

That one client alone brought in over $149,000 to our agency over the next 12 months…(screenshot below for proof). ​

Ladies and gentlemen, sending a personalized video over cold email is the most effective strategy I’ve ever seen in my 5 years writing cold email copy. ​ Especially in a competitive market or saturated market. ​

We use it as bait and get our prospects to simply reply, “Yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing the video. Send it over.” ​ You’re only ONE personalized video away from closing a WHALE customer.

The ROI on video outreach is INSANE. ​ Personalized videos give you 3 minutes to prove your expertise and separate yourself from everyone else, while a text-only cold email gives you only 3 seconds.


It is a tool that records a simple video, an intro, the pitch, and an outro clip, then its tool stitches these clips together and renders them as one video where it shows the prospect’s website in the background of the intro clip automatically. ​

This tool even clones the voice using AI so we can say the prospects’ first name at the beginning of each video! ​

Focus on selling the video in the initial email, then use the video to sell the demo call and show prospects why you’re better than the 100 other people pitching them on a daily basis. ​ You’ll close deals 10x faster. Guaranteed.


The journey of turning a business idea into a lucrative venture is often marked by experimentation and adaptation. The story of how a simple change catapulted earnings to $149,000 from a single client in just 12 months serves as a testament to the potential for growth and success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

As we continue to navigate the dynamic realm of business, let us remain open to embracing change and seizing opportunities for innovation that can propel us towards our goals.

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