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Exploring the Phenomenal Capabilities of ChatGPT and Unveiling Google Duet AI’s 8 Must-See Features in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, two titans have recently captured the spotlight — ChatGPT and Google Duet AI. The enthusiasm for ChatGPT is undeniable, hailed as absolutely phenomenal by its users. However, Google, a perennial powerhouse in tech, has introduced Duet AI, promising a leap forward in AI capabilities.

As we delve into the intricacies of these cutting-edge technologies, this exploration aims to unravel the extraordinary features of Google Duet AI that demand our attention in the year 2023.

1. Google Sheets

Analyze and act on data faster with automated classification and custom plans. – The “Help me organize” feature creates custom plans for tasks, projects, or any activity. – AI generates a plan based on what you want to accomplish.

2. Generate custom images in your slides

Write your imagination in “Help me Visualize” and click “Create.” – Pick your style and select a visual.

3. Google Meet

Express yourself during calls with the help of AI while ensuring the privacy of your surroundings. – The “Take notes for me” feature enables you to capture video snippets, action items, and notes. – Easily change your background using a text prompt.

4. Gmail

Draft and refine emails in Gmail with AI. – Use the “Help me write” feature. – Add your email description and click “Create”.

5. Coding Assistant

Duet AI provides real-time code recommendations, detects vulnerabilities and errors, and suggests fixes.

Chat assistance offers real-time guidance on cloud services, functions, and implementation plans for cloud projects.

6. Google Chat

Google Chat has improved with a refreshed interface, new shortcuts, and enhanced search. – You can now chat with Duet AI for content questions, document summaries, and catching up on missed conversations.

7. Third-Party Apps

Google Workspace adds more third-party apps that integrate seamlessly.

Typeface and Jasper are among the partners using AI technology to enhance their functionality. –

Create AI content within Workspace with these apps.


In the dynamic realm of AI innovation, the encounter between ChatGPT and Google Duet AI marks a significant milestone. While ChatGPT has proven its mettle and garnered admiration for its prowess, the introduction of Google Duet AI signals a new era in artificial intelligence.

As we reflect on the eight compelling features unveiled by Google Duet AI, it becomes evident that the competition and collaboration between these giants are driving the field to new heights. In this era of unparalleled technological advancement, the synergy between ChatGPT and Google Duet AI paves the way for a future where the boundaries of AI capabilities continue to expand, promising exciting possibilities yet to be explored

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