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Exploring ChatGPT’s Major Update Post OpenAI Dev Day – a 24-Hour Craze of Innovation!

Step into the realm of cutting-edge innovation as ChatGPT undergoes its most significant update yet, a mere 24 hours after the groundbreaking OpenAI Dev Day. The air is charged with excitement as enthusiasts and developers alike dive headfirst into the possibilities unveiled by this monumental upgrade.

This guide is your backstage pass to understanding the magnitude of ChatGPT’s latest transformation and witnessing the frenzy of creativity that has unfolded in the first 24 hours post-OpenAI Dev Day. Fasten your seatbelt as we embark on a journey into the heart of this technological revolution.

1. YouTube video transcription

ChatGPT new context window is AMAZING. It devours a full youtube transcript and summarizes it, and expands when needed.

Still can’t make GPT’s. Next up is having a podcast with the TTS with YouTube Transcripts as context.

2. ChatGPT Store

OpenAI announced they are releasing the ChatGPT Store, an App Store for ChatGPT

  • Shopify Apps: 33,000 apps, $561M of revenue
  • App Store: 1.8M apps, $910B of revenue
  • ChatGPT Store: 0 “agents”, $0 revenue

Probably millions of agents, billions revenue soon I wish I had created an app for Apple App Store in 2009 when App Store came out I wish I created an app for Shopify App Store in 2009 Tons of opportunity to be building for ChatGPT right now. I wouldn’t want to miss it. These paradigm shifting moments happen once every 15 years.

3. GPT Builder

Just tested OpenAI’s new GPT Builder. Created ‘X Optimizer GPT’ which fine-tunes my posts and pinpoints peak posting times for max engagement on X.

4. Switching modes

The new ChatGPT update just feels seamless. Switching modes was clunky. The ability to ask questions and get responses with a mix of generated visuals and prose is going to be a boon for visual learner.

Throw in easy access to GPT-4 vision to upload images and we’ve got a game changer on our hands.

5. GPT-4 Turbo

GPT-4 Turbo is here and oh my, it’s fast. Here I am using my text improvement prompt on some parts of the OpenAI announcement.

6. AI travel assistant

The AI assistant travel app in @OpenAI‘s DevDay keynote today has got to be one of the most impressive live demos I’ve ever seen.

7. Webcam

Chat with the webcam using @OpenAI vision API

8. Web browsing

Being able to combine web browsing with GPTs is wild Here I ask it to browse the web to find this years coachella lineup and make a playlist of the highlights

9. Feedback by AI

Isn’t the future great? I built “Roast my Website” using the newly announced OpenAI APIs. GPT4 Vision analyzes the screenshot and roasts it, while the new text-to-speech API returns it as audio.

10. Text to Speech

Experimenting with OpenAI’s new Text to Speech model. Punctuation is powerful here


As we wrap up this exploration into the aftermath of ChatGPT’s biggest update post-OpenAI Dev Day, the landscape of possibilities has expanded exponentially. In less than 24 hours, the global community has erupted with a creative fervor, building new and groundbreaking applications.

The resonance of this technological wave is felt far and wide, and the future holds the promise of even more innovative developments. The journey doesn’t end here; it’s only the beginning of a new era in AI advancement. Brace yourselves for the unfolding chapters of creativity, collaboration, and unparalleled innovation, fueled by ChatGPT’s latest and greatest capabilities.

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