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Discover the Secrets To Instagram Ads | Lesson 1

Advertisers and Marketers are always in search of a new platform to test their new strategies, Instagram is newly emerging Ad Platform and most of the people are still not aware of its awesome stats and features. Today am gonna cover a few of them. Keep in mind Instagram is a Facebook company by this you have amazing demographics of all users who are at facebook and also using Instagram. It adds so much power in your market promotion strategies and by this you can laser target the audience.

  • What is importance of Instagram Platform?
  • How to Activate Instagram Ads Account?
  • How to make an Advertising campaign in Instagram Ads?
  • How to Laser Target Audience using Power Editor?
  • When to use Image Ads?
  • When to use 30 Sec Video Ads?
  • How to Drive Traffic to your Blog using Instagram Ads?
  • How to sell E-Commerce Products using Instagram Ads?
  • How to write Perfect Ad Copy?

Awesome Stats of Instagram

1. How many people use Instagram:

1 Billion  ( Last updated 15/04/2021)

2. Number of daily Instagram users:

more than 500 million people

3. 20% of Internet Users That Use Instagram.

4. 9% Percentage of teenage girls  have been bullied on Instagram.

5. Estimated number of Instagram users in the U.S. in 2015: 77.6 million

6. 27.6% Percentage of the U.S. population is estimated to use Instagram in 2015.

7.  51% Percentage of Instagram users that are male.

8.  49% Percentage of Instagram users that are female.

9.  14% Percentage of drivers that admit to checking Instagram while operating their vehicle.

10. Estimated number of Instagram users in the U.S. by 2018: 106.2 million.

These stats show Instagram is very powerful platform, 20% of Worldwide Internet users use Instagram. Its a huge number as per Internet World Stats in November 2015 the internet users number raised to 3,345,832,772 if we calculate 20% of it, it is around 66,91,66,555. So Instagram is now having around Quarter Billion users that is awesome. 75 million daily users as per 2013 stats means it is having a huge number of visits per day and we have a huge market to explore. I am sure this number should have a huge rise in two years but unfortunately i am not able to get the updates stats for their daily traffic. But we have now enough insights to jump in. Instagram Ads are new a few number of marketers, advertisers and bloggers are using it, thats why we have very cheap bidding rates and this is the Exact time to hit it..!

How to Setup Your Instagram Ads Account using Facebook Ads

As we know instagram is a facebook company so we will access the ads dashboard inside facebook ads. Instagrams Ads are accessed via Facebook Ads and you use the same Power Editor and Ads Manager for both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. See the image below to get the things that how you can setup things for Instagram Ads.


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