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Chrome Transforms into an AI-Powered Browser with Google’s Latest Innovations

In a significant leap forward, Google has transformed Chrome into an AI-powered browser, unveiling three major changes that promise to redefine the way we navigate the digital realm.

Among these groundbreaking updates is the ability to leverage AI for text creation across any website. As we embark on this exploration, we delve into the details of these transformative features and their potential to reshape the browsing experience for millions.

1. Write with AI

Chrome will let you write anything with AI and on any website.

– Right-click a text box on any site you visit

– Select “Help me write” Type in a few words and our AI will kickstart the writing process for you.

2. Organize your tabs

Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on your open tabs.

– Right-click on a tab

– Select “Organize Similar Tabs” Chrome will also suggest names and emoji for these new groups.

3. Create themes with AI

Generate custom themes based on a subject, mood, visual style and color that you choose.

– Visit the “Customize Chrome” side panel

– Click “Change theme” and then “Create with AI”

Note: These features will be available in the next Chrome update next month. They should be found in Chrome’s settings in the “Experimental AI” category (according to 9to5Google):


Google’s announcement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of web browsing as Chrome embraces artificial intelligence. The ability to use AI for site-wide text creation is a game-changer, unlocking a new era of personalized and efficient online interactions.

As we anticipate the implementation of these innovative features, it’s evident that the landscape of web browsing is on the brink of a remarkable transformation, where Chrome’s AI capabilities will empower users to engage with content in ways previously unimaginable. The future of browsing has arrived, and it’s intelligent, intuitive, and distinctly Chrome.

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