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AutoGPTs: Revolutionizing the Business World with Blazingly Fast Improvements

In recent years, AutoGPTs (Automatic Generative Pre-training Transformers) have emerged as a powerful tool for natural language processing, capable of generating high-quality text with little human intervention.

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, AutoGPTs are now improving at a blazingly fast speed, with new capabilities and features being developed at an unprecedented pace.

As a result, these systems are poised to transform the face of business, enabling companies to automate many of their operations and interact with customers in more personalized and engaging ways.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting potential of AutoGPTs in the business world and how they are revolutionizing the way we communicate, operate, and compete.

What exactly are AutoGPTs?

AutoGPTs, which appeared just last week, are designed to automate GPT-4 tasks, enabling the creation of agents that complete tasks for you without any intervention.

The most popular ones are BabyAGI by @yoheinakajima and Auto-GPT by @SigGravitas.

The main features of AutoGPTs:

  1. Assign tasks/goals to be worked on automatically until completed
  2. Chain together multiple GPT-4s to collaborate on the tasks
  3. Internet access and ability to read/write files
  4. Memory to know what has been done

Currently, they’re just experiments and have many limitations. Notably, they get stuck and have difficulty figuring out how to proceed.

But I think that’s going to change VERY fast.

Top Trending Repo on GitHub

As noted by  @blader, AutoGPTs are the top trending repos on GitHub. The top three trending repos on github are all self-prompting “primitive agi” projects:

  1. Babyagi by @yoheinakajima
  2. Autogpt by @SigGravitas
  3. Jarvis by @Microsoft

these + scaling gets you the rest of the way there.

BabyAGI on Slack

Due to the high interest from devs, we’re witnessing daily improvements. Numerous exciting experiments are underway, such as this one by  @frankc with BabyAGI on Slack.

BabyAGI for Sales Prospecting

An AI agent that autonomously does sales prospecting on its own with GPT-4. Powered by BabyAGI from  @yoheinakajima & run on @Replit.

 Imagine once you integrate it with  @LangChainAI tools like @HubSpot or Apollo.

AutoGPT for Product Research

AI agent does research. Here is demo of it. This is wild, powered by GPT-4

Auto-GPT for Podcast Research

All-In podcast example. With 5 searches (and 15 web browses,) Auto GPT research agent prepares a 5 topic podcast on recent news with accurate references (and a cold open.

Test-Driven Development inspired by BabyAGI

Here is little demo of it:

You write the tests – and the agent runs in a loop until it creates the feature properly!

Auto-GPT for market research

Still not convinced of AI Agents? This might change your mind… I pretended to be a fake shoe company and gave AutoGPT a simple objective: – Do market research for waterproof shoes – Get the top 5 competitors and give me a report of their pros & cons.

Here’s how it went:

First: It went straight to google to find the top 5 waterproof shoes reviews.

Once it found links, it created questions for itself like

“What are the pros and cons of each shoe”

“What are the pros and cons of each top 5 waterproof shoe”

“Top 5 waterproof shoes for men”

It continued to analyze the various sites, with a combination of googling, updating its queries, until it was happy with the results.

Here’s an example of when it thought “critically”. It knew that some reviews could be biased to fake, so it had to validate the reviewer.


It can recall infinite memory, THINKS before it speaks, and doesn’t lose memory after being shutting down. Check it out below!



It is a modification of  @yoheinakajima‘s babyagi that runs arbitrary python code to perform tasks – It manages to create routines for pyautogui, webscrapping, manages to execute actions on the computer and even controls its own memory.



Introducing #AgentGPT, an attempt at #AutoGPT directly in the browser. Give your own AI agent a goal and watch as it thinks, comes up with an execution plan and takes actions. Try for free now at

As you can see, innovative projects are already emerging despite the current limitations. And major players in the AI industry are taking notice.

For example:

  • LangChain is now helping improve BabyAGI.

By default, BabyAGI just “executes” things with an LLM response (eg, makes things up) By changing the execution chain to be an agent with tools, the execution step can now lookup real info, take actions, etc.

  • Ethan Mollick, a renowned professor from Wharton, also believes it’s a big deal.

He shared in his twitter that: I used one experimental model, AutoGPT, and let it analyze the market for simulations, setting its own goals. Right now, the AI is prone to distraction & confusion, but you can see how it might soon work (the system is only a week old).

  • And the former head of AI at Tesla thinks AutoGPTs could be the next frontier.

As these projects continue to advance, their potential is immense. The possibilities for business applications are enormous.


As we’ve seen, AutoGPTs are rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for businesses of all kinds. With their ability to automate tasks, generate high-quality content, and personalize interactions, they are helping companies to operate more efficiently, connect with customers more effectively, and stay ahead of the competition.

However, while AutoGPTs are undeniably powerful, it’s important to remember that they are not a panacea. To achieve the full benefits of these systems, companies must invest in the right infrastructure, hire the right talent, and develop the right strategies.

By doing so, they can unlock the full potential of AutoGPTs and create a more prosperous and sustainable future for themselves and their customers.


  1. Jahanzaib Rana

    Sir how to use it free ??🧐

    • Engr. Inaam-ul-Haq Mansoor

      you can clone these from Github, I will cover it in another article how you can deploy AutoGPT on your local machine!


  2. Irfan adil

    Thank you for sharing this fascinating article on Autogpts, and how it is transforming the way businesses approach machine learning and natural language processing. I found it particularly intriguing how the technology is able to generate high-quality content in multiple languages, with impressive accuracy and speed.

    As someone who works in the digital marketing space, I can see how Autogpts could be a game-changer for content creation and optimization. However, I also wonder about the potential ethical and legal implications of using AI-powered tools to generate content, especially in sensitive industries such as healthcare or finance.

    Overall, I think Autogpts has a lot of potential, but it will be important to carefully consider the risks and benefits of its implementation. Thank you again for sharing your insights on this exciting topic.


    • Engr. Inaam-ul-Haq Mansoor

      Thank you irfan for the insightful comment. AutoGPT is revolutionary advance technology, lets see the impact in days!

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