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Apple Vision Pro Day: A Game-Changing Showcase of Innovation

Today marks a significant milestone in the world of technology as Apple Vision Pro Day has finally arrived. With anticipation buzzing in the air, expectations are high as enthusiasts and innovators gather to witness the unveiling of groundbreaking advancements.

The staggering number of 600 apps tailored specifically for Vision Pro sets the stage for an event filled with excitement and awe. As the curtain rises on this momentous occasion, minds are poised to be blown by the ingenuity and creativity showcased within this dynamic ecosystem.

1. Learning Piano via Flowing Tiles

Piano: Flowing Tiles for Apple Vision Pro!

“A spatial computing app that brings a dynamic, interactive dimension to your keyboard.”

2. Zillow home tours

Zillow has a new app for Vision Pro to tour homes for sale. It’s going to be little use-case scenarios like that that will eventually make Vision Pro a must-have.

Travel will be another huge win; checking out resorts before you stay

3. Formula 1 racing

If I didn’t need another reason to get the Apple Vision Pro. Me a die-hard F1 fan:

4. Cybertruck purchase experience concept

5. Immersive Weather app

t’s not just a powerful weather app, but also a brand new immersive weather app specially developed for Apple Vision Pro.

It’s a pure SwiftUI + Reality Composer Pro app, a genuine Spatial Computing app that deliberately incorporates 34 immersive weather conditions, along with Spatial Audio.

Let’s witness the magic unfold right before your eyes! It will be FREE for all early adopters until we figure out how to monetize it.

6. Next level Cooking

You won’t find it in Apple’s marketing but the Vision Pro is the ultimate cooking computer. Was one of the moments where I could really see the future…

7. NBA watching experience

This is UNREAL. The future possibilities are endless; I don’t regret ordering a Vision Pro for even a second.


As the curtains draw to a close on Apple Vision Pro Day, the reverberations of innovation continue to resonate deeply within the tech community. With an impressive array of 600 apps already available and a plethora of mind-blowing concepts and use cases unveiled, the potential of Vision Pro shines brightly on the horizon.

As we reflect on the groundbreaking advancements witnessed today, one thing is abundantly clear: the future of technology is brimming with limitless possibilities, and Apple Vision Pro stands at the forefront of this transformative journey.

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