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AI News Roundup: Italy’s ChatGPT Restoration, Google’s Godfather of AI Departure, and Other Shocking Weekend Developments

The world of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, and this past weekend was no exception. From Italy’s ChatGPT restoration to the departure of Google’s Godfather of AI, it was a weekend filled with exciting and surprising developments.

In addition, StabilityAI released its new chatbot, Palantir launched its AI platform, and Amazon announced its own LLMs. To keep you up to date on the latest in AI news, we’ve put together this roundup of the most significant weekend developments.

Keep reading to learn more about these groundbreaking updates and their potential impact on the world of artificial intelligence.

1. Italy Restored ChatGPT

In a stunning reversal, the Italy PM met a robot (no joke) and the country overturned the ban on ChatGPT.

OpenAI complied with a series of changes they were given only 20 days to act on.

This includes a form to remove users’ data, stricter age verification, and added articles on how ChatGPT collects data.

Source: @verge

2. Godfather of AI Quit Google

Geoffrey Hinton, who has been publishing about AI since 1972, was known as the ‘Godfather of AI’. He helped neural networks succeed when mainstream AI preferred the reasoning approach.

He quit Google, citing the company’s rushed launches of technology without guardrails from bad actors from using it.

Source: @nytimes

3. StabilityAI Released its Chatbot

The company behind StableDifussion has now made its Chatbot, StableVicuna, available for public use. But it’s crazy slow. It takes minutes to have a response. There’s a lot to finesse.

Theoretically, the model performs well – and is important because it’s open-sourced. But they need to work out the kinks.

Source: @StabilityAI

4. Palantir Released an AI Platform

Palantir has released an Artificial Intelligence Platform for the military. This example helps a drone locate an enemy tank

The Terminator scenarios are obvious, now that AI is being deployed in War.

Palantir is trying its best to lead the ethical AI vanguard.

Source: @engadget

5. Amazon Going to Release Its Own LLMs

Andy Jassy revealed Amazon has been working on its own LLMs, and will be releasing them soon. He said the models have become much more compelling in the last 6-9 months.

A few months ago, Alexa was declared dead at Amazon. In Q1’22 the division reported a $3B loss, so thousands were laid off.

But now Amazon is re-investing, given the advances in LLMs.

Source: @AmazonScience

6. Study Found ChatGPT Outperforms Physicians

In a study in the Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers compared the quality and empathy of AI responses to patient questions.

They had licensed physicians rate the responses on the quality of the information provided and the bedside manner.

ChatGPT outperformed handily on both metrics. It’s crazy to think ChatGPT is already better than your doctor.

Source: @JAMAInternalMed


In conclusion, this weekend’s developments in the field of artificial intelligence have certainly been eventful. From the restoration of ChatGPT in Italy to the launch of Palantir’s AI platform, the world of AI continues to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these new developments impact the industry and the broader technological landscape.

One thing is certain: as AI technology continues to evolve and improve, we can expect to see even more exciting and groundbreaking developments in the near future.

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