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AI News Roundup: China Pushes for Breakthrough, Ashton Kutcher Raises $243M Fund, and More Shocking Weekend Development

AI is a rapidly evolving field that is constantly generating news and developments. In this AI news roundup, we will highlight some of the most significant events from the weekend.

China’s leader called for a breakthrough in AI, while Ashton Kutcher raised a whopping $243 million AI fund. Warren Buffet compared AI to nuclear weapons, and Charlie Munger expressed his skepticism of AI.

Additionally, a Republican chatbot was released, and Google’s AI memo stated that they have “no moat.” We will also discuss Tim Cook’s silence on the topic of Gen AI.

Keep reading to learn more about these exciting developments in the world of AI.

1. China’s Leader Xi Jinping pushed for AI breakthrough

China views itself as in a race with the US for AI supremacy. It wants to be the world leader in AI by 2030.

Source: @Bloomberg

The leader of the world’s number two economy doesn’t want to be caught as a laggard in the AI race.

He pushed hard on Friday for China to seize opportunities and advance.

Source: @SCMPNews

2. Ashton Kutcher raised a $243M AI fund

Ashton Kutcher is doubling down on AI after GPT’s launch in November – because it’s an absolute breakthrough.

Source: @business

Ashton Kutcher said it only took 5 weeks for his VC firm to raise a $243M AI fund – and it was oversubscribed.

He has access to the absolute best dealflow: OpenAI, Stability AI, and Anthropic

Source: @FortuneMagazine

3. Exploring the Warren Buffet Comparison to the Atomic Bomb 

The Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting was Saturday. Everyone from @BillGates and @tim_cook to @SahilBloom was there.

So all eyes were on Buffet’s thoughts on AI.

Source: @CNBC

After Bill Gates showed it to him, he saw “it did these remarkable things.”

He said, like nukes, AI “can’t be un-invented.”

4.  Navigating the AI Craze: Charlie Munger’s Skepticism Unveiled

He called it “hype” and he’s skeptical of some of it, acknowledging robots play an important role in factories already.

Source: @CNBC

5. Republican chatbot released

As the internet continues to split into left and right, a Republican chatbot was released by the right-wing TUSK browser.

Source: @BreitbartNews

The CEO was motivated to build it after asking ChatGPT whether Elementary students should be taught about transgenderism.

The response was “unacceptable.”

Source: @FoxBusiness

6. Google internal memo leaked

The memo claimed that the open source community was innovating at such an enormous rate that Google’s model isn’t competitive.

It said Google has “no moat. And neither does OpenAI.”

Source: @dylan522p

7. Tim Cook mum on generative AI

Tim Cook has always viewed Apple as very focused on Artificial Intelligence. But they haven’t announced anything in the generative space.

Source: @richontech

In Apple’s earnings, Cook finally spoke about the generative AI craze. He’s more on the Munger-side – he think it’s capable, but actions need to be deliberate and thoughtful. Classic against the grain from the legendary CEO responsible for $2.386T in market cap.

Source: @Inc


The world of AI never rests, even on weekends. This roundup has covered the most shocking and significant developments in AI news, including China’s push for a breakthrough, Ashton Kutcher’s massive AI fund, Warren Buffet’s alarming comparison of AI to nukes, and Charlie Munger’s skepticism. Additionally, the release of a Republican chatbot and Google’s memo on “no moat” show the continued impact and evolution of AI in various industries.

These developments emphasize the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest AI news to understand its implications on our society and future.

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