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AI Hack for Humanizing Text and Detecting ChatGPT Content

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT stands out as a powerful language model capable of generating human-like text. However, while its capabilities are impressive, there are instances where its output may not align with the desired tone or style.

This poses a challenge for individuals and businesses seeking authentic communication that resonates with human readers. Fortunately, there exists an innovative AI hack designed to humanize text and distinguish content generated by ChatGPT.

  1. Go to ChatGPT, Generate any content on the ChatGPT official website.
  2. Use an AI detector like Turnitin, GPTZero, or Originality AI to verify if the content is AI-generated

Humanize Your Text with HIX Bypass

1. Search for “HIX Bypass” on Google or head over to

2. Copy the content to HIX Bypass, and let the tool humanize/rewrite it.

3. HIX Bypass has built-in AI detectors like GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Originality AI, and Turnitin.

They have confirmed that it is 100% human-written.

4. Run the rewritten content through Turnitin, GPTZero, or Originality AI again to ensure it’s flagged as 100% human-written.

The HIX Bypass method can evade detection by many AI detectors.

These are listed below in the image:

Tip: HIX Bypass successfully bypasses GPTZero and Turnitin detection by 90%. If not detected as human-generated, try regenerating outputs with HIX Bypass 2-3 times. This process can’t be recorded in videos.


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven communication, the quest for authenticity remains paramount. While tools like ChatGPT offer remarkable advancements in natural language processing, they also underscore the importance of preserving human touch in written content.

By leveraging AI hacks tailored to humanize text and discern ChatGPT-generated content, we can strike a harmonious balance between technological innovation and genuine human expression.

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