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16 Hidden AI Features in Canva

Unleash your creativity like never before with Canva’s hidden AI features! In today’s digital age, everyone can be a graphic designer, and Canva’s integration of artificial intelligence takes design capabilities to new heights. Join us as we uncover 16 powerful AI-driven tools within Canva that will revolutionize your design process.

1. Supercharging creativity

You can easily expand(opens in a new tab or window) or reposition(opens in a new tab or window)elements in your designs, or remove backgrounds(opens in a new tab or window) completely.

2. AI-powered image generation

Bring your ideas into reality by from just one text prompt on Canva using it on Magic Media

3. Magic Write

It can take your text from zero to hero in seconds

4. Data and Privacy Risk

You are in control if you want to share your data with Canva or not.

5. Images as unique as you

You can check the style that you like and go for an image style accordingly.

6. AI Presentation Maker

Click “Create a design” on the homepage and select Presentation. Once in the editor, go to the Design tab in the left panel. Describe your ideal presentation in the search bar.

7. Video editing

Pick your clips and images, enter the prompt. Use Magic animate to add smooth transitions and animations to your videos.

Magic Switch can repurpose your video content for multiple platforms. You can create videos from text prompts too.

8. Magic Switch

Swap formats, languages, and dimensions in seconds.

9. Magic Expand

Seamlessly extend an image in any direction for the perfect shot. Fix awkward framing, save zoomed-in images, or turn a vertical shot into a horizontal one in seconds.

10. Magic Grab

It helps you redesign images, just like a Canva template. Use it to select and separate the subject of your photo so that you can edit, reposition, or resize it.

11. Magic Edit

Reimagine your image and add to, replace, or edit it with a short written prompt

12. Magic Eraser

Remove unwanted details and distractions from your photos.

13. Background remover

Remove backgrounds from images and videos easily.

14. Magic Animate

Apply the perfect animations and transitions to your entire design automatically.

15. Magic Morph

Transform words and shapes with a simple written prompt. Magic Morph applies effects to text and shapes to quickly create patterns and textures.

16. Integrate other AI apps

Here are some of the AI apps you can integrate into your Canva workflow


Don’t miss out on the incredible potential of Canva’s AI features. From intelligent background removal to smart layout suggestions, these hidden gems can elevate your design game to the next level. With Canva’s AI at your fingertips, there are no limits to what you can create. Discover these 16 innovative features today and watch your designs come to life effortlessly.

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