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Unlocking LinkedIn’s Money-Making Potential: 5 Lessons to Earn Your First $10k

LinkedIn, often regarded as a money machine, holds immense potential for individuals seeking to capitalize on its opportunities.

However, many people find it challenging to embark on this journey and tap into the platform’s lucrative prospects. In this insightful guide, we present five valuable lessons that enabled one individual to earn their first $10k through LinkedIn.

These lessons are sure to provide you with valuable insights and strategies to kickstart your own path towards financial success on the platform.

1. Fix your LinkedIn Profile

Convert your profile to a landing page. You want to funnel incoming traffic to one destination. When you are first starting out, it should be a booked call (for your services). To do this you must optimize every bit of your LinkedIn profile.

Do this:

– Clear profile pic
– Fix your headline
– Banner (with a cta)
– Write about section
– Turn on creator mode
– Set up your profile link and cta
– Add a featured section to sell ur stuff
– Get recommendations from past clients

Video Tutorial:

2. Create ELITE content

Your profile is sexy. But who’s seeing it? It’s time to create content to drive traffic. You’ll want to discuss your work, life experience and share how-to guides.

6 quick LinkedIn content creation tips:

A. Every post must be high quality
B. Pick a posting time & stick to it
C. Your hooks must be elite
D. Post 1x per day MAX
E. Don’t post & ghost
F. Formatting is key

3 formats working on LinkedIn in 2023

A. Carousels
B. Selfies
C. Text

To grow fast on LinkedIn, use carousels which are essentially Twitter threads.

3. Build your social proof

Everyone says to get case studies & testimonials. But what if you don’t have any yet? I started out by building a following for myself and leveraging that.

You can too. Here’s 2 steps to start

First you’ll want to add a mix of active users & potential clients.

Send 15 targeted connection requests per day. (no more)

Here’s a quick guide:

Second, you neeed to get ACTIVE.

How hungry are you to win? You need to spend a minimum of 35 minutes a day on LinkedIn. You cannot post and ghost and expect to grow your business

4. Start conversations

People BUY from people. Not AI bots.

Respond to your comments.
Respond to your DMs.

Start talking to people and start doing networking calls.

5. Craft a clear offer

Without this your efforts mean NOTHING. Example from @mattbarkercopy

❌ LinkedIn Ghostwriter

✅ Ghostwriter driving $1,000,000+ for CEOs on LinkedIn.


With the knowledge gained from these five invaluable lessons, you are now equipped to harness the full potential of LinkedIn as a money machine. By applying these strategies and insights, you can pave the way for your own financial success and unlock the numerous opportunities the platform has to offer.

Remember, LinkedIn is more than just a professional network; it holds the power to be a significant revenue generator when approached with the right mindset and strategies. Now, it’s time to put these lessons into action and start your journey towards earning your first $10k on LinkedIn.

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