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Skyrocket Your Website Traffic by Over 10,000% with a FREE WordPress Plugin

Unleash the true potential of your website by skyrocketing your traffic with the remarkable power of QueryHunter, a FREE WordPress plugin.

In this exclusive guide, discover how QueryHunter has enabled countless individuals to achieve an astonishing increase of over 10,000% in website traffic. Prepare to harness the full capabilities of this game-changing plugin and take your online presence to unprecedented heights, all without spending a penny.

There is a plugin called QueryHunter by @fatjoedavies, and it’s free. It uses an API to connect directly to your site’s Google Search Console.

But the other thing it does is mindblowing.

Supercharge Your Keyword Research with QueryHunter

Google Search Console is a GREAT and underused keyword research tool. It provides keywords that Google is ‘trying’ to rank you for. But digging out that information is annoyingly frustrating, to say the least.

But QueryHunter makes it easy.

At the bottom of a blog post, it will “crunch the numbers,” if you will, and provide the keywords of which you are getting the most impressions, in THAT article. It will even tell you if the keyword phrase is included in the article at all. That gives the opportunity

You just include the keywords in the list and go about your business. Within days, I was gaining like in the image in the first tweet of this thread..

The takeaway here is.

1. Listen to Podcasts; they really help
2. Utilize Google Search Console
3. Download QueryHunter

It’s a free plugin, so I’m not pushing because I get some sort of commission, it’s just a great tool.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your website’s traffic with QueryHunter by @fatjoedavies , the FREE WordPress plugin that can catapult your online success.

By harnessing its remarkable capabilities, you can witness a remarkable surge in website traffic, surpassing your expectations and propelling your online presence to new levels of visibility and success. Embrace the power of QueryHunter today and witness the transformation of your website traffic like never before.

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