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Quantum Leap: Google’s New Quantum Computer Completes Decades-Long Task in Just 6 Seconds

Prepare to witness a groundbreaking moment in the world of computing as Google’s new Quantum Computer defies the boundaries of conventional computing power.

Achieving what would have taken one of the world’s best computers 47 years, this quantum marvel accomplishes the same task in just 6 seconds. Quantum computing is poised to revolutionize the technological landscape, shaping the way we build and comprehend the world around us.

In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the extraordinary capabilities of Google’s Quantum Computer, delving into the transformative potential it holds for our understanding of computing and the world.

1. This is huge

The big tech around the world is in a race to build this technology.

2. National Security Agency quotes

“A sufficiently large quantum computer, if built, would be capable of undermining all widely- deployed public key algorithms.”

3. Michio Kaku on the relationship between quantum computing & UFOs

4. First, let’s understand the difference between Classic Computer and Quantum Computer in a simple way

5. Here’s how Google explains quantum computing

6. Google’s new computer uses something called “qubits” to do its calculations

Qubits are like the building blocks of a quantum computer.

The more qubits a computer has, the more powerful it is. Google’s new computer has 70 qubits.

7. Google’s Quantum Computing

Google is currently focused on using it to solve optimization problems, finding the best outcome given a set of data. For example: finding the best flight path to visit a set of places you’d like to see.

8. The Quantum Supremacy Ra

There is an ongoing race between countries and big companies on achieving “quantum supremacy.”  And Google is claiming to have achieved “quantum supremacy” with their new breakthrough.

9. IBM’s Quantum Leap

Google’s competitor IBM also recently succeeded in building a quantum computer.

10. A Skyrocketing Start-Up Phenomenon and Investment Boom Since 2015

Diagram illustrates how start-up activity & investments in quantum computing have skyrocketed since 2015.

This breakthrough could revolutionize many fields, from drug discovery to climate modeling, financial modeling, and even artificial intelligence. The potential is enormous.


Google’s Quantum Computer marks a turning point in the realm of computing, breaking through the barriers of traditional computation capabilities.

With its astonishing speed and efficiency, it promises to revolutionize various industries and fields of study, opening new frontiers for technological advancements. The era of quantum computing has dawned, and its potential to change our understanding of the world and revolutionize computing as we know it is limitless.

As we embark on this exciting journey, let’s explore the boundless possibilities that Google’s Quantum Computer brings, and prepare to witness a transformative leap into the future of computing.

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