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Mastering Keyword Research with REGEX in Google Search Console

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, obtaining a competitive edge through effective keyword research is akin to wielding superpowers. Enter the world of REGEX in Google Search Console (GSC), a dynamic tool that has transformed the way SEO professionals uncover valuable insights.

With the ability to unravel complex keyword patterns and unmask competitors’ strategies, REGEX empowers digital marketers to achieve unparalleled precision in targeting and ranking.

This article delves into the remarkable potential of utilizing REGEX within GSC, recounting a real-world success story where a discovery of keywords and competitor analysis led to a triumphant ascent to the top search position.

I will follow these steps:

  1. Open GSC

  2. Go to Search Results

  3. Add a Filter (select “+ New”)

  4. Select “Query”

  5. Select “regex”

  6. Enter: (?i)^(who|what|where|when|why|how)

You will now see the questions (keywords) that your site is getting Impressions and Clicks for

In many cases, you already have an article (or section of an article) dedicated to the question.

Skip those. Look for questions that you don’t have any content for.

For every keyword that you don’t have content for, you have two options:  

  • Add this content to an existing article
  •  Create a new article

Here’s how I decide between these two options.

IF the article has High Impressions but Low Clicks, that typically means I should add the content to the existing article (not always) IF the article has Low Impressions, I will usually opt to write a new article.

In my example earlier, I found 100’s of keywords that all related to the same topic.

I Googled the broader topic, and discovered the top two pages that were ranking. Both are nothing more than a chart. One article has no words, the other a couple hundred words. That’s it.

I created a similar article, but made mine longer and more in depth. I included charts, but also made it color coded and mobile friendly.

I added 20 +internal links, and made a custom graphic in Canva. Took an hour in total.

Did I land the #1 spot? Yep!

I actually got it in mid-January, only 3 months after publishing the article!

And, for those of you that don’t like Ahrefs graphs (I get it)

Now, I can go BACK into GSC, filter for this page, and grab even more longtail keywords that I’m getting Impressions for, and add them back to my article. My competitor still owns a lot of those long tail keywords.

H/T to several ppl on this strategy – I’ve discovered that they do it much more in-depth than me:


As the digital realm continues its rapid evolution, tools like REGEX in Google Search Console emerge as catalysts for SEO success. Armed with the prowess to decipher intricate keyword nuances and competitor tactics, digital marketers gain a strategic advantage that was previously unattainable.

The narrative of ascending from keyword discovery to securing the coveted top spot epitomizes the transformative power of informed decision-making backed by advanced tools.

As the digital landscape advances and algorithms evolve, embracing such tools becomes not just a strategy, but a necessity. In the journey to digital prominence, the utilization of REGEX within Google Search Console stands as a testament to the immense capabilities that lie at the crossroads of innovation and strategic insight.

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