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Ethical Market Hijacking: 3 Effective Campaigns to Attract Your Competitor’s Customers

Discover the ethical way to gain a competitive edge and attract your competitor’s customers with our innovative guide. In today’s fiercely competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking strategies to expand their market share.

However, rather than resorting to unethical practices, we present you with three powerful campaigns that can help you attract your competitor’s customers while maintaining integrity. In this introduction, we’ll delve into these effective methods, providing insights and practical steps to implement each campaign successfully.

Get ready to learn how to ethically hijack market share and win over customers who are already engaged with your competitors.

There are 3 main ways you can enter a market on Google

1. Brand Takeover
2. Interest Hijack
3. Interest Capture

using any or all is your best way to break into a market that currently has 1-2 main competitors

let’s show you how:

How To Ethically Steal Competitor Customers #1

1 – Brand Takeover

What’s the goal here? you’re going to be making sure your brand appears anytime & anywhere (that is relevant for you) when someone searches for you competitor

ok so how do you target these searchers?

2 – main ways to perform a Brand Takeover

1. The Beginner
> target general competitor searches
> ex: if Nike was a competitor, bid on Nike

2. The Professional
> target specific products/collections/brand queries
> ask yourself: where can my relevant ads BEAT their general?

How To Ethically Steal Competitor Customers #2

2 – Interest Hijack

let’s go beyond direct searches for a second how can we specifically steal engaged traffic or even past customers of a competitor? we target them and guess what?

FREE brand awareness until they click how?

how to interest hijack competitor traffic:

Step 1: Create a new Custom Segment
> audience manager > custom segment > new

Step 2: Select “In-Market”
> “people who searched”

Step 3: Target Competitor URLs (all variations)

BOOM ->  targeting actual competitor traffic

How To Ethically Steal Competitor Customers #3

3 – Interest Capture

now let’s keep higher into the vortex (not sure what the vortex is? it’s my personal strategy I use to make my clients millions every month)

How can we capture the interest of perfect prospects?

we create the perfect avatar and then we hammer them with ads @ frequency to keep top in mind above competitors. let’s revisit our Custom Segments tool, this time, we want to MAX it out

1. Competitor websites
2. Competitor search terms
3. Similar to websites
4. apps
5. etc

Here is a summary:

3 easy campaigns to hijack market share today

1. Brand Takeover (Search)
2. Interest Hijack (Audience-Based)
3. Interest Capture (Audience-Based)

now go on and take what’s yours TODAY


In conclusion, gaining a competitive advantage by capturing your competitor’s customers doesn’t have to involve unethical practices. With the strategies presented in this guide, you can ethically hijack market share and attract customers who are already loyal to your competitors.

By offering unique value propositions, targeted messaging, and exceptional customer experiences, you can successfully position your brand as an enticing alternative. Remember, it’s crucial to maintain integrity throughout this process and respect the ethical boundaries of competition.

With these three powerful campaigns at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to make significant strides in expanding your market share while upholding ethical business practices.

Embrace these strategies, innovate, and thrive in a competitive landscape where ethical market hijacking becomes a catalyst for your growth and success.

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