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Emerging Challenger to ChatGPT: Exploring a 100% Free, Worldwide Accessible AI Alternative with Astounding Results

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, competition fuels innovation and drives the boundaries of what’s possible. Just as ChatGPT has held a significant position in the AI sphere, a new contender has emerged – one that’s causing ripples of excitement.

What sets this new player apart is its unique proposition: being 100% free and accessible worldwide, with no need for an account. This article delves into the intriguing realm of this ChatGPT alternative, exploring its potential to revolutionize AI-powered interactions.

By delving into real-world use-cases and their astonishing outcomes, we shed light on a challenger that’s not only changing the game but redefining the rules altogether.

In order to begin, here are a few facts:

→ The model used is the new Llama-2 from Meta

→ It is hosted and offered for free by Perplexity

→ You can access it with the link below

1. Mode Selection

→ Choose between 7B (fastest), 13B (intermediate) and 70B (most powerful)

→ The “B” stands for the number of billions of parameters used.

2. Fast and Easy Request

For quick and easy questions, the 7B model is faster than ChatGPT.

3. Complex Requests

The 70B is perfect for more advance tasks.

4. Reset Conversation

You can start a new conversation by clicking in the bottom left corner. Note the no history is currently available.


As technology advances and AI continues to shape our world, the introduction of a new player into the arena is not just noteworthy but potentially transformative.

The accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and astounding results showcased by this ChatGPT alternative speak volumes about the democratization of AI-powered tools. The AI landscape is no longer confined to the confines of a select few – it’s expanding to offer its benefits to a global audience.

The narrative of this emerging contender is a reminder that innovation thrives in the presence of healthy competition, and as consumers, we stand to gain immensely. The future of AI-powered interactions is becoming more inclusive, user-friendly, and astonishingly capable, and it’s up to us to embrace these opportunities and usher in a new era of possibilities.

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