How to Get More out of Google | Infograph

Have you ever spent hours searching Google (or any other search engine for that matter) for documents, articles, or information you desperately needed for that research paper you have due soon? With thousands of results in a matter of seconds, trying to find worthy, citable information can be a challenge.

The secret to a good Google search lies in the wording. Naturally, this handy infographic tells me that phrasing searches as questions is not the best method. Awesome. Another really useful tip? The unit converter. I use that function a lot. It’s a huge lifesaver if you don’t know the conversions off the top of your head.

Social Media Cheat Sheet for Users and Brands

Here is a complete plan for the most asked question:

How Brands and Users connect on Social Media?

Many Businesses are not aware of the importance of social media in their Branding and many Businesses pay a lot of money to go for Social Media Services. This particular infograph is very well organized and the insights given are like real Gold for a Brand to use. It shows all the details, demographics so that a Business can Pitch the Users in a right way.

Most of the times Businesses fail in Social Media Marketing the main reason is unawareness of stats, poor strategies and no research on user behavior. Smart Paper Media did a great job by compiling all the research work in a fancy infograph so Businesses can follow it.

Every Social Media platform excels at a completely different approach, at some you need to share a video to get exposure and at some you need a quality post of words to get exposure. This is a great infograph for Businesses to consider before launching their Social Media Campaigns.

For users:

How to Start a Successful Online Career using Fiverr?

In Pakistan there are many passionate guys who wanna work online, there is a hype that people are making HUGE MONEY from Internet. This is triggering a huge curiosity, most of the young boys are girls are not handling it in a good way. The reason why people are doing unethical work to make money is they are not guided properly. The learning material in Pakistan market is not good enough as if we go for learners vs quality mentors, we will come to know that only a few Professional Guys are helping new comers to start their online career. Rest of the community is in hands of so called Gurus and Experts who teach them unethical ways to make money online.

Working online is not Magic,,,! You need skills to make money, there are no shortcuts. In this article I will cover first thing that can lead you to make money online. This is a series and I will cover every topic one by one, almost all the method to make money online in Pakistan.

First Method is Fiverr.

Why Fiverr?

The reason I am starting with fiverr is its a wonderful platform to start with. You can make some good money using fiverr. Even without skills you can make money. I did a Webinar some time ago to teach you guys that how you can make $1000 a month with fiverr. That webinar is still live and all the info still works perfect. one this is now changed that the service i mentioned in this webinar is now I will tell you guys to buy SEO tools to sell services at fiverr, the link in webinar is no more works but yes you can get the same tools from SEO RDP.

In this webinar i am covering Fiverr Business in detail, If you still have any question or confusion you can ask me in comments section. I wish you good luck for your future.

Eye Opening Stats | Facebook Ads Likes Vs Buying Facebook Likes

Many people ask me about buying likes for Facebook works or not, well here is a complete infographic that will show you all the things in great detail.

These three pages are used to show you all the stats.

  • Meow Cats – All Likes are generated with Facebook  Paid Advertising
  • Meeow Cats –  All Likes bought online from seller 1
  • Meeeow Cats – All Likes bought online from seller 2


Global Social Media Ad Trends – Spending Jumps 50% [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the Last Quarter of 2015, Spendings on Social Advertising jumped 50% Year on Year (YoY), according to research this is stimulated by new emerging Advertising Platform Instagram and Facebook Ads itself

These findings, from Kenshoo, indicates that spend on search advertising grew by 8%, driven in part by increase in retailers’ use of product-centered seasonal Merchandise Listing Advertising (PLAs), which made up 26% of all search beliefs (up from 8% a year ago).

Mobile continues to function as the largest driver of overall growth in both routes, accounting for almost all of the yearly spending increase in paid search.

The data is presented in a fresh infographic, Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q4 2015, emphasizing essential quarterly international metrics and standards for social advertising and paid search based on more than 550 billion beliefs, 11 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) in advertiser spend through the Kenshoo Infinity Suite.

In paid societal, several factors – combined with all the seasonal rush – are not unlikely to have helped drive up advertising spend:

1. The increasing adoption of new advertising types for example Facebook Dynamic Merchandise Advertising a direct answer advertising kind that helps companies promote their whole product catalog or multiple products.

2.  Changes in social advertising command strategies driven by Facebook altering the meaning of Cost per Click (CPC) to allow it to be simpler for marketers to bid on offsite clicks (taking them to an advertiser’s landing page or program) rather than societal appointment clicks (enjoys, opinions, shares, video viewpoints etc.). Facebook also introduced changes made to generate optimisation and command procedures easier.

3. Instagram making it possible for marketers of sizes worldwide to start handling and purchasing Instagram advertising on a self service basis.

While there were fewer feelings for societal advertising in the quarter, the Click through Rate (CTR) went up by 64% YoY significance there were 30% more clicks. CPC went up 10% compared with all the prior year with marketers valuing those clicks exceptionally.

Kenshoo’s Managing Director for EMEA, Rob Coyne, said: “The many changes throughout the entire year in societal advertisement types, how they can be purchased and how customers participate with them – collectively using the ability to get Instagram marketing – have all had a direct effect on spend and operation in the active last quarter. They interrupted preceding tendencies in CTR and CPC, with the greater competition among retailers and have helped to make societal clicks more precious throughout the holiday shopping season likely to have exacerbated the effects. In search – as with societal – there was a remarkable focus on more direct product-centered marketing with Product Listing Advertising seeing lots of interest from marketers.”

In paid search, 32% YOY grew with feelings up 11 invested in cellular advertising which boast a higher CTR. While spend rose by 8%, the entire CPC of search advertising was driven lower (-19% YoY) because marketers were more focused on lower-priced mobile search advertising and PLAs.


Search and societal results derive from five quarters of operation data from over 3,000 Kenshoo advertiser and service reports across 20 vertical sectors and over 60 nations, crossing Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Japan and the Facebook(registered company) Audience Network. Some outliers are excluded. The resulting sample contains more than 550 billion beliefs, 11 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) in advertiser spend.

Advertising spending and CPC are quantified using Ex FX or “Continuous Money” alterations, where results derive from native money, and just translated to common money after aggregation.

Discover the Secrets To Instagram Ads | Lesson 1

Advertisers and Marketers are always in search of a new platform to test their new strategies, Instagram is newly emerging Ad Platform and most of the people are still not aware of its awesome stats and features. Today am gonna cover a few of them. Keep in mind Instagram is a Facebook company by this you have amazing demographics of all users who are at facebook and also using Instagram. It adds so much power in your market promotion strategies and by this you can laser target the audience.

  • What is importance of Instagram Platform?
  • How to Activate Instagram Ads Account?
  • How to make an Advertising campaign in Instagram Ads?
  • How to Laser Target Audience using Power Editor?
  • When to use Image Ads?
  • When to use 30 Sec Video Ads?
  • How to Drive Traffic to your Blog using Instagram Ads?
  • How to sell E-Commerce Products using Instagram Ads?
  • How to write Perfect Ad Copy?

Awesome Stats of Instagram

1. How many people use Instagram:

1 Billion  ( Last updated 15/04/2021)

2. Number of daily Instagram users:

more than 500 million people

3. 20% of Internet Users That Use Instagram.

4. 9% Percentage of teenage girls  have been bullied on Instagram.

5. Estimated number of Instagram users in the U.S. in 2015: 77.6 million

6. 27.6% Percentage of the U.S. population is estimated to use Instagram in 2015.

7.  51% Percentage of Instagram users that are male.

8.  49% Percentage of Instagram users that are female.

9.  14% Percentage of drivers that admit to checking Instagram while operating their vehicle.

10. Estimated number of Instagram users in the U.S. by 2018: 106.2 million.

These stats show Instagram is very powerful platform, 20% of Worldwide Internet users use Instagram. Its a huge number as per Internet World Stats in November 2015 the internet users number raised to 3,345,832,772 if we calculate 20% of it, it is around 66,91,66,555. So Instagram is now having around Quarter Billion users that is awesome. 75 million daily users as per 2013 stats means it is having a huge number of visits per day and we have a huge market to explore. I am sure this number should have a huge rise in two years but unfortunately i am not able to get the updates stats for their daily traffic. But we have now enough insights to jump in. Instagram Ads are new a few number of marketers, advertisers and bloggers are using it, thats why we have very cheap bidding rates and this is the Exact time to hit it..!

How to Setup Your Instagram Ads Account using Facebook Ads

As we know instagram is a facebook company so we will access the ads dashboard inside facebook ads. Instagrams Ads are accessed via Facebook Ads and you use the same Power Editor and Ads Manager for both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. See the image below to get the things that how you can setup things for Instagram Ads.


The Strategy Behind Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions

ince the inception of Google the world has changed. Not only does inquisitive, professional and educational interests be served by Google, a incomprehensible world joined and has opened.
Clocking searches per day, Google money-making search space – is controls dominated by more So does the behemoth that is global should splash on its cash?
Since starting in 1998, getting over 170 businesses and spending 10 of their most high-priced acquisitions – What sense is behind the towering trades?

GSA Search Engine Ranker Training Sessions | Video Lecture 1

GSA Search Engine Ranker Training Session with Inaamul Haq Mansoor, Video Lecture 1. In this series i will teach you how to launch a campaign using GSA and how to make a natural looking link profile that will help you to rank your Money site or Blog Posts. This is very first lecture and i will keep adding more lectures in future.

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