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Battle of the AI Titans: Claude 2 vs. ChatGPT 4 + Code Interpreter – The Ultimate Prompt-Off Showdown and the Surprising Results

Step into the ring of the ultimate AI showdown as we witness an epic cage match between Claude 2 and ChatGPT 4 + Code Interpreter. In a head-to-head prompt-off, these formidable AI models go head-to-head, pushing the limits of their capabilities.

Forget about the famous clashes between Musk and Zuck, as this showdown brings a whole new level of excitement. Brace yourself for an intense battle of AI prowess and witness the astonishing results that emerged from this thrilling encounter.

Automation workflow process and setup instructions.

Take social content from a Google Sheet and upload it to the meta scheduling tool completely autonomously. I think they both did reasonably well at describing a potential workflow automation setup.

Round 1: Tie

Writing an email

Send an email to a coworker asking what to include in the insertion order and when it’s due

ChatGPT wrote a really long email for a simple task, and I think Claude’s was more succinct and appropriate for use.

Round 2: Claude

Writing content for a blog

GPT did a much better job. Claude was totally off topic. GPT understood the assignment and Claude 2 did not. If you provided more context to Claude 2 it would provide a better output. But this is a zero shot prompt off.

Round 3: ChatGPT4

Brainstorming Twitter hooks

I had them brainstorm hook ideas to sell my new prompt writing guide. I wouldn’t say either one came up with anything that would actually work. They would both probably do better if I provided some examples.

Round 4: Tie

Asking questions about a PDF file

This one was easy to call. Code Interpreter for whatever reason couldn’t read my file. Claude did an outstanding job reading it & answering my questions. The answers were great and actually provided insights I will use.

Round 5: Claude

Decision making

I asked them to compare two computer models and recommend one for me based on my needs. They both provided good comparisons, but only Claude gave me a clear decision on which is a better value for me.

Round 6: Claude

Editing a piece of sales copy

I had them both edit the sales copy on my website sparkingintelligence (dot) com. I uploaded the PDF version to Claude, so it had more context. I’m torn on this one so I’m going to say

Round 7: Tie 

Helping design a life plan

Easy to call. This was my inspiration for this thread. I was working on my plan to structure my habits around the book Atomic Habits and asked them both for guidance. ChatGPT is a lot more helpful to me for this task.

Round 8: ChatGPT

Final results!!

ChatGPT: 2

Claude: 3

Tie: 3

That’s the end of our first cage match between ChatGPT 4 and Claude 2.


The cage match between Claude 2 and ChatGPT 4 + Code Interpreter has truly showcased the power of AI in a prompt-off showdown. While the clash of titans has come to an end, the results have left us astounded.

Both AI models demonstrated their remarkable capabilities, highlighting the advancements in natural language processing and code interpretation.

As we continue to explore the possibilities of AI, this showdown serves as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and the incredible feats it can achieve.

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