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AI in Overdrive: A Week of Astonishing Developments, Acquisitions, and a Cautionary Tale

Prepare to be amazed by the unstoppable progress of AI as we delve into the mind-boggling events of the past seven days.

From Toyota’s groundbreaking Design AI to the emergence of Opera One Browser and Vimeo AI Scriptwriter, the AI landscape is brimming with innovative developments. However, amid the excitement, there’s a cautionary tale: the unfortunate incident of 100K ChatGPT accounts being stolen.

In this introduction, we’ll explore these remarkable advancements and their implications, shedding light on the remarkable strides AI continues to make while also highlighting the importance of security and responsible implementation.

1. Toyota Design AI

Toyota (yes that company lagging in EVs somehow cares about AI) released generative AI for car design

It’s meant to vastly speed up designer workflows by creating a car design that’s aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic.

2. Opera One Browser

Opera released a new “AI native” version of its browser.

Opera is interesting because of the run-up in their stock price this year: Up 295%.

Having a stable market share in the search market makes it an attractive acquisition target for Microsoft.

And the company is keeping up the AI launches.

3. Vimeo AI Scriptwriter

Vimeo released a “ChatGPT Powered” (OpenAI API) based script writer. It helps you quickly write scripts.

News source: @verge

Vimeo isn’t having quite the same year in the markets as Opera: down 40%+ this year.

We’ll see if users get value out of these ChatGPT integrations in every project.

4. Midjourney v5.2 Drop

Midjourney dropped the latest version of its leading image AI, and the coolest feature is ‘Zoom Out.’

Take this amazing example from u/futurewham on Reddit:

5. Google DeepMind Robocat

Google’s DeepMind group released an AI robot that uses multi-modal AI to process language, images, and actions.

It can process a goal image and assemble it on its own.

This represents an advancement because it shows the power of AI x robots to lead multiple robots across multiple modalities.

In the future, these will technologies will explode like Midjourney and other single modality tech is right now.

6. MosaicML Acquired for $1.3B

Databricks acquired a 2 year old, 60 person company for $1,300,000,000. That’s $21M per employee.

It’s an amazing “only in AI” story. It’s especially cool to see a diverse set of founders:

Databricks CEO @alighodsi said this is easily justifiable on a 10-20x forward revenue multiple.

The plan is to help companies build their own AI models.

7. ChatGPT: 100K Accounts Stolen

Over 100,000 ChatGPT account info have been identified as stolen by Group-IB.

Their login information is available for sale on the dark web. It was stolen by malware that steals credentials saved to web browsers.

News source: @BleepinComputer

The amount of ChatGPT compromised accounts has been growing over time. Be careful and enable 2-factor authentication to secure your account.

There’s only so much I can say on Twitter.

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In conclusion, the AI industry remains a relentless force of innovation, as demonstrated by the astonishing developments that transpired over the past week.

From revolutionary applications like Toyota Design AI and Opera One Browser to the acquisition of MosaicML for a staggering $1.3 billion, the potential of AI is reaching new heights.

However, amidst the awe-inspiring progress, the security breach involving 100K stolen ChatGPT accounts serves as a reminder of the challenges we face in ensuring responsible AI implementation. As we move forward, it is crucial to strike a balance between pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and safeguarding against potential risks.

Let us continue to embrace and harness the power of AI, while staying vigilant in safeguarding our data and upholding ethical practices.

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